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Dance Competitions

Just Dance School of Performing Arts along with being a fantastic recreational, family-oriented dancing school also has 4 competitive teams!  Our competition teams are special in that we don’t audition our students and feel that every student should have the opportunity to be a part of our dance team and continue to learn and grow from one another!  


We require that each student takes ballet, tap and jazz classes during the season. They also must all attend our wonderful summer intensive which consists of 20 hours of dancing during one week over the summer where invited guest instructors are here in the studio with them focusing on technique and becoming stronger students.  Our teams participate in three local competitions during the season.

We have won many awards over the years and could not be prouder of our how dancers represent Just Dance at various local dance competitions!

Along with attending these events they also participate in fun bonding opportunities for our team to create a tight community.  Our mission is to create a love of their special art form all while building lifelong friendships along the way!

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