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Just Dance School of Performing Arts COVID-19 Safety and Rules/Regulations


  • The door into the main lobby will be the only entrance into the building.  Students will wait with their masks on to be checked in by the instructor and sanitize their hands before entering.  Please wait in line standing 6 feet apart by markers on the floor.


  • Once in building students will follow the marked floors to their designated spot in the classroom.


  • With mask still on please place all shoes and or labeled water bottle along the perimeter of your classroom on one of the marked spots (6 feet apart)


  • Masks are not recommended to be worn according to state guidelines while students are participating in physical activity.  You can choose to leave yours on per your personal discretion.  Masks must be worn while entering and exiting the studio.


  • To exit, students while wearing masks, will exit through the exterior exit where parents can pick them up.  Parents if standing outside at the studio please be sure to follow social distancing guidelines. 


  • No outside items are allowed in the studio besides dance shoes needed and pre labeled water bottle.  Please use a draw string bag for your items as they will be brought with them into the studio.  NO LARGER DANCE BAGS PERMITTED.


  • The studio lobby and back hallway area will be closed.  Parents of students 3 to 6 are asked to escort their dancer to the main entrance to check their child in and then wait in their cars during class.  We will have an assistant teacher to assist with our littlest dancer going to the bathroom.  We will be holding a meet and greet the week before we open where parents and their dancer can come and meet their teacher and see the classroom to help make them feel more comfortable when classes begin.  This will be done by appointment only.  Once registered you will be notified of your appointment time.  Masks must be worn by adults.


  • Classes will be scheduled to allow time in between classes to allow staff to properly clean and sanitize all equipment, flooring, etc.


  • Employees will have a training day which will include all safety protocols including sanitation and safety guidelines set forth by the CDC and the state of Connecticut.


  • Employees will wear masks unless within socially distant areas of the classroom.


  • No employee, student or parent should come to the studio if experiencing any symptoms


  • Touchless appliances including soap dispensers, paper towels and sanitizers are available.


  • All doors for entering and exiting the classroom will be propped open or opened by staff and lights will all be on.  Dancers should have no reason to touch anything in the studio that does not belong to them except for the bathroom doors if they need to use the facility.  We are asking that dancers try to use the bathroom before coming to dance to limit the restroom for emergencies only.  Ballet Barres will be sanitized if used before and after classes when they will be utilized.


  • Currently no props will be used in the classroom.


  • We are asking that dancers arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their class-time and please enter and stand on the next marked spot in our lobby.


Thank you for following all of our state and studios guidelines to help make Just Dance a safe place for your children!  We have missed working with them and seeing them tremendously and are so excited to get to be back into our studio for classes!  Please bear with us as we begin to navigate our new routines.  If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help!  The best way to contact us is via email at

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