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When is the recital?

The recital is usually scheduled for the 2nd weekend in June depending on when Father's Day falls.  We try to avoid having our show on Fathers Day weekend.  Usually our facility does not confirm show dates until mid-April.

Is there a registration fee?

Yes, there is a $35 registration fee for each dancer who enrolls and it must be paid every year.  Current students who enroll by June 1st will have that registration fee waived.  This is a per child fee, not family.

Is there a viewing window?

We do not have a viewing window into our classrooms.  We find it to be very distracting.  We do however have an open doorway into our main classroom and depending on how busy the lobby is the door is usually left open so you can view classes if you would like to.

What is the youngest age you accept students?

The youngest age we accept students is 30 months into our Tiny Toes program for 3 and 4 year olds. Some seasons we also offer a Mommy and Me Program for dancers ages 18 to 30 months of age.

Does my toddler have to be potty trained?

We prefer that your toddler is potty trained for class or on the way to being so.

Can I go into the classroom with my child?

No, we do not allow parents into a classroom with the child unless it is one of our younger dancers and they are needing a little more comfort from having mommy or daddy with them.  We try to move towards them not needing to do so for too long as to not be distracting to the other students in the class.

Do I have to wait with my child during class or can I leave and return to pick her up?

You are not required to stay.  Dancers are free to be dropped off and then picked up when their class is over.  We do ask that you return on time and not leave your child waiting after class is over.

What does my child need to wear for class and where can we get these items?

Contact us for dress code information.

How much does it cost for classes?  Do you offer discounts?

One class per week per month is $55 and with each additional class each dancer would receive a discount.  Once everyone in the family is taking two or more classes there is an additional discount for the second child.

Do I pay tuition for the month of June?

Yes, tuition is a yearly amount broken down into ten equal payments from September through the month of June.  If you pay the year up front you will receive the month of June for FREE.

Do you have competition teams?

yes, we do have competition teams!  No audition necessary!  All that is needed is a desire to learn and be a part of our team and the experience in ballet, tap and jazz.  Please contact Miss Missy if interested.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks and credit card payments through our online registration portal.

When should I register for classes?

Summer registration opens in the beginning of April and registration for the new fall season begins the beginning of May.  Registration is on a first come first serve basis so don't wait too long so you have the first choice of class placement.

Do we have to buy tickets for the recital?

Yes, the recital is a big production with very high overhead and tickets are available for purchase once your account has been paid in full for the season.  Pre-sale tickets cost $18 and at the door are $20.

Do I have to purchase a costume for the recital for my child?

Yes, recital costumes are brought for each dance that is performed in the recital and on average cost $65.  Payments are made in two installments.  Your $40 deposit per class is due by October 15th and your balance is due depending on the amount on either December 15th or January 15th.  When writing checks out for your costume payment please keep it separate from any other payment that may be due to the studio and make the check out to Just Dance.  We will then pay the costume companies.

When registering how do we know what class to register for?

Please contact Miss Missy for information on class placement.  We can best be reached via email at

Do you offer free trial classes?

We don't!  We prefer that dancers register for a month because we feel it takes a few classes to really get a good feel for the class.  You are not locked into a contract and if at that time it is not something you are interested in you are not required to participate in the rest of the year.

If I want to speak with a teacher should I catch them after class?

No, all questions regarding classes or your dancers must come to the director, Miss Missy.  She can best be reached via email at  All emails are usually answered the same day.

Do you have a lobby that I can wait in during class and are siblings allowed in the lobby to ait as well?

Yes!  We have a comfortable lobby for you to wait in while your child is taking class.  It is not mandatory that you stay!  If you would like to drop your child off and pick them up at the end of class or classes that is fine as well!  We just ask that you respect the space and clean up after yourself and your other children who may be waiting with you.  No food or drink is permitted in the lobby.  Only dancers may bring water to class and if they are taking multiple classes a healthy snack would be fine.  We try very hard to keep our space clean for all our customers and appreciate everyone's cooperation in making that possible.

How do we know if the studio is closed due to weather?  Do you follow the school calendar?  What is your weather cancellation policy regarding make-ups?

To find out if the studio is closed due to weather please call the studio after 2PM on the day in question.  Our phone number is (203) 798-9081.  There will be an outgoing message on the machine with all the information you may need to know.  If possible, an email would be sent out as well.  We do not follow the school calendar at all times.  All classes are allowed to be canceled twice due to weather.  If your class has been canceled three or more times a make-up class will be scheduled during the spring.

Do you offer adult classes?

Adult classes are offered periodically if the schedule permits.  Please contact the studio at to find out if an adult class is scheduled.

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