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Studio Agreement and Policies


CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY - The studio reserves the right to cancel any class in which four or less students are enrolled.  Those students will then be placed into another class at the discretion of the teacher, which best suits his or her level of experience.


TUITION POLICY - Tuition is due on the 1st of the month; however, there will be a grace period of 10 days.  Any tuition not paid by the 10th of the month will be subject to a $20 late fee.  No account will be allowed to go unpaid beyond sixty days.  Also note that tuition is based on a ten month season broken down for your convenience and paid once a month.  Some months there are 3 classes, some 4 and some 5.  Regardless of the number of classes tuition is due September through and including the month of June.  Tuition is non-refundable.


If a student drops a class mid-year, tuition will be required to be paid until studio receives notice via email.  At that point tuition must be paid through that current month.  You can contact me via email at


COSTUME POLICY - A costume will be purchased for each routine a student participates in.  A $45 deposit will be due for each costume by October 15th.  A bill for your costume balance will be sent out the beginning of December and all costume balances must be paid in full by December 20th.  ALL COSTUME MONEY IS NON-REFUNDABLE FOR ANY REASON DUE TO COSTUME COMPANIES NOT ALLOWING FOR ANY RETURNS.  


SNOW DAYS - In the event of inclement weather, please call the studio after 1PM on the day in question for information.  (203) 798-9081.  Notices for weather cancellations will also be posted on our web site.  Just Dance reserves the right to cancel any class two times due to bad weather/snow.  In the event that a class ends up being cancelled more than twice a make-up date will be scheduled.  Just Dance will not be responsible if you are unable to attend the make-up class.


A $20 fee will be applied to your account for a returned check.


Just Dance School of Performing Arts is not responsible for accidental injuries sustained at the studio.


Just Dance School of Performing Arts is not responsible for lost or stolen property.


I agree to hold harmless from any and all liability the school, it’s officers, employees and independent contractors, both in their professional capacity and personally for all injury or illness resulting from or in any way connected with his/her participation in the classes, activities or special events at the school.


I understand that it is the school’s policy that while under the supervision of the school no child is allowed to leave the building without a parent/legal guardian or the written permission of a parent/legal guardian and that the parent/legal guardian assumes full responsibility for the actions and behavior of the child.


Just Dance may occasionally photograph students in classes, at dance functions and during performances.  There may be times when these photographs will be used in advertisements.  By enrolling your child in Just Dance, you grant permission for us to use these photographs unless otherwise stated by you.


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